Legal Representation During Eviction Cases

Recently I have had several clients ask me to help them with their eviction matters. I practice regularly in real estate law and, so I agreed to help. In two of the cases, the then pro se Plaintiff(s) had failed to provide the defendant(s) with the required and appropriate notice. The result as they later learned was that the relief requested by them could not be granted by the Court. Unfortunately for them, the Court also found several inaccuracies in their court documents, which made them both feel embarrassed as the inaccuracies were pointed out to them by the Judge in front of the defendant(s).

Having reviewed their files, I was able to correct the errors, as well, I was able to inform them as to other more cost-effective strategies. Do not go it alone. Unfortunately, there are subtleties to the law that are not commonly known. While websites can be helpful, they cannot be a substitute for the trained mind of a legal professional.  If you have an eviction case that you need help with, give attorney Gavin Collier a call today.