Responding to a Complaint or Petition Utah Civil & Domestic Litigation Attorney, Gavin V. Collier

The Plaintiff (or Petitioner) notifies the defendant (or Respondent) that they have started a court case against them by having them served with a copy of the complaint (or petition) and summons.

The summons is a form of notice served upon a person to let them know that a case has been started against them. The summons will contain important information, which will inform the defendant as to the time within which they must respond. The defendant should closely read the complaint and summons, and then speak with an attorney. Once a case has begun against you, you will be required to file an answer and in some cases, you may need to file a counter-claim. 

The legal process is a slow and very stressful process. You should not consider going at it alone. Please give one of our attorneys located in our Sandy City, Utah office a call so that they can help you. An attorney will soon be able to meet with you in Vineyard Utah.

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